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My Third Grade Writing

Posted by CatsomStudios - June 15th, 2008

I was just looking at the writing journal I kept in third grade and I found an interesting story i wrote. I will copy it word for word:

Dated: November 10, 2002

Last night, I had a nightmare. I was at a park and my dad was with me. I saw two snakes. The snakes looked like they were transfering venom to a line of mice. I was scared of the snakes. I ran inside. One of the snakes bit me, but I was O.K. because it was a Sparkling Snake. They are okay. The other snake was a Dull Snake. They are venomous. Then my dad came inside. While I was running, I got bitten by a rattle snake. They are old in the future. I went to the doctor. He said I was okay. Then I went home with my dad. Then my dad took out a piece of chalk and wrote the names of his family. I was not on the list!!!!!

Written by Andrew Haworth

Comments (11)

Your dad doesn't love you? :P

Kinda awesome to find stuff from your childhood huh? :)

yeah it is :)

thats pretty cool when you find something from way back i find that stuff all the time.

yeah :)

That's quite a sad little story.
I hope you have nicer dreams in the future.

i do

This is one of those moments where you look back to read your writing and say, " Shit, I wrote that? What was I drinking?!".



thank you. i still remember it to this day.

Depressing man.
I can't believe you would remember anything at the age of 42 though...

im not 42! im 13. and even if i was 42 this is dated in 2002 and said to be a third grade story so i would be an extremely stupid 42 year old.

That dream must've been pretty creepy...I remember one when I was a kid, involving a rocking sheep I had that melted, turned demonic and chased me round my house...

I love finding stuff like old school books from eons ago...those were the good ol' days...*sigh*...good times...good times...

a sheep? cool. good times.

I found that hilarious, especially the last bit about your dad writing everyone but you.

is that a compliment or an insult?

That's kinda creepy...

For some reason the part that said "The snakes looked like they were transfering venom to a line of mice" was funny to me.

Yeah, we had to use vocab words in a story.

You're 42 and you were in third grade only six years ago?! Wow, you must be really slow...

dude im 13! I dont pay attention to those age things.

The snakes looked like they were transfering venom to a line of mice.

they were